Seminar calendar will be updated as soon as the seminar is confirmed, so please check them out frequently. All seminars listed here are open for participation to anyone from any art, style or level of experience. Even without any previous martial art experience. Only requirement is the age - attenders must be at least 18 years old.

Seminars will teach something for everyone, who is interested in martial arts, self-defense, self-development and willing to deepen one's understanding, enhance skills and make new friends. Real study of Tuité (grabbing hand art), Kyusho (striking hand art) and Aiki (body power art) are presented in a way that it is easy to comprehend principles and start using them.

Kyusho Aiki Jutsu Int'l 2017

In the year 2018 there will be several great events to come.

  • 20th Summer Camp
  • Bilbao, Basque Country
  • Chorley, United Kingdom
  • Chur, Switzerland NEXT
  • Dorsten, Germany
  • Hämeenlinna, Finland
  • Vantaa, Finland
  • Lappeenranta, Finland
  • Århus, Danmark
  • Äänekoski, Finland
  • Kuopio, Finland

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Calendar 2017

For more information and Registration soon

II 04.11.2017 Bilbao

Seminar is full 8 hours of instruction - and many aspects of Budo will be covered.

For more information - Contact KAJ Int'l.

3rd Annual seminar at Chorley


Pressure points (Kyusho) and Grabling (Tuité) techniques.

Suitable also for childrens in martial arts - but many aspects for adults will be covered.

For the future this event will be arranged every year - the first weekend of december.

For more information:

Upcoming seminars at Switzerland

II 28.-29.10.2017

Science of Anatomy applied lectures during the pressure point seminar. Instruction of principles not technques which can be applied for any style or art.

For more information:

I --

If you are interested about Tuité- and Kyusho-Jitsu, I would highly recommend this seminar

Knockouts & Revival with most important principles of martial arts.

I ---

Topic - Advanced Applications of Kata with Tuité and Kyusho.

For more information - Contact Kyusho Aiki Jutsu Int'l

Vantaa seminars

I 11.02.2018

II 06.05.2018

III 09.09.2018

Seminar is open to all styles and arts. It does not depend of your rank in the art.

Age limit 18 years.

Grandmaster Toni Kauhanen, 8.dan

Place: Rajatorpanväestösuoja, Rajatorpantie 25

Training hours:

Lauantai / Saturday 11.02.
klo 16:00-20:00 Kampailutila

KAJ -jäsenet 40 €, muut 50 €

Take with you training gears, drink and training knife.

Registrations and further information:
Kai Arola p. 040 507 1809

Kyusho Aiki Jutsu International:in seminaari, jossa harjoitellaan Tuité-Jutsua (tarttuvan käden taito) ja Kyusho-Jutsua (iskevän käden taito) perusteista alkaen. Harjoittelemme myös escrima kepeillä (pampuilla).

Opettajana Suomessa ja maailmalla tunnettu Toni Kauhanen, 8.dan Hämeenlinnasta.

Seminaarilla opetetaan periaatteita, jotka soveltuvat kaikkiin kamppailulajeihin. Voit osallistua vaikka ei olisi aiempaa kokemusta kamppailulajeista.

Paikka: Saimaan ammattiopiston juhlasali, Pohjolan katu 17, Lappeenranta

Harjoitusajat: 11:00-17:00 tauot sovitaan paikanpäällä.

Tutustumishinta 30 €/hlö

Ikäraja 18-vuotta.

Tiedustelut ja Ilmoittautumiset
Juha Koivistoinen
p. 040 661 6031

Pressure Points from basics to advanced, including instruction of aiki.

Äänekoski Saturday at 11:00-17:00 KAJ seminar price 50 € For self-defense training from 11:00 to 14:00 30 €, open training for everyone. Youth House, Spotti, Kotakennääntie 21, Äänekoski

Kuopio, Sunday at 11:00-14:00 Introductory seminar for all styles and arts. Price 20 €, Presidentinkatu 3, School tatami.

Registrations and for more info contact Toni Kauhanen p. +358 40 527 0159